Heroes of the Cross

Ever wonder when Methodism started in Estonia or who were the faithful early church leaders? Well, thanks to the hard work of Pastor Toomas Pajusoo and countless others, we have a historical record in Heroes of the Cross. This 128-page book is filled with historical accounts and recollections of the earliest Methodist pastors and lay leaders in Estonia.

From the Book Jacket: A young pastor is hunted down and shot by a Soviet destroyer battalion. His final recorded words are, we must display more love in action. A grand old man survives the bombing of his church and the Siberian GULAG. He returns to remind his flock; You must continue to evangelize. These are the stories of six heroes. Instruments of God in the revival that launched The Methodist Church in Estonia would go on to face the Soviet Red Terror. Through their courage, Estonia would become the only place in the Soviet Union where The Methodist Church survived as a public and connected witness.

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