2020: Year of Growth

Apostle Peter finishes his second letter with a call to "grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!" (2 Peter 3:18). It is interesting that here Peter uses imperative: "Grow!" One does not need to tell the nature around us to grow. Nature grows by itself, when provided with certain basic conditions, such as light, water, and the right temperature. But in spiritual growth, most of us need encouragement and sometimes even a push. I guess this is what motivated Peter to write "Grow! "to the first century Christians.

The Estonian UMC Church Leadership team has named the year 2020 the "Year of Growth" so that we together could consciously contribute to the spiritual growth, grow in ministry, and bring more people to God.

I invite you, with the words of Apostle Peter, to grow and to join us in growth this year of 2020.

With God’s blessings,
Robert Tšerenkov
Superintendent of Estonian Methodist Church (UMC)

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