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The Friends of Estonia (FOE) is an independent organization of predominantly Methodist Churches that coordinates support with individuals and congregations in the United States for the growth and renewal of The Estonia Methodist Church, which includes all the Methodist Churches in Estonia and the Baltic Methodist Theological Seminary.  Working with Methodist Churches and Agencies, FOE provides a forum where Estonia and United States congregations can work together to create, renew and sustain ministries in Estonia. 

A Message From FOE Chairpersons

You have found the website for Friends of Estonia, a Christian organization founded for the purpose of helping mission-oriented Methodist churches in the USA assist the mission organizations, the Baltic Theological Seminary, and Methodist churches in Estonia. We are glad that you have found FOE and hope that you will be interested in finding out more about the many exciting things that are happening in the Methodist Church in Estonia and possibly you might feel led to join in and become involved in working with one or more of these wonderful opportunities to further these and other Christian activities in this wonderful part of our world.

Friends of Estonia is in its 30th year of connecting Methodist congregations in the USA with opportunities to expand God's Kingdom in Estonia, a beautiful country in the Baltic region of Europe. The partnership with the Baltic Methodist Theological Seminary has been in existence just as long. Most of the current connecting congregations who are now a partner in FOE have been involved for many years. The Estonian people are dedicated and hardworking, which makes these connecting relationships fulfilling for both sides of the relationships.

Page and I are honored to have been asked to serve as the co-chairs for this outstanding Christian organization.

Blessings to you,

Page and Carl Henry
co-chairs, Friends of Estonia

What Do We Do?

Partnership, Fellowship, Spiritual and Missional Support between American and Estonian Methodists.

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